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Breathable back pregnancy abdominal binder band belly maternity support belt XK504

Short Description:

The main function of a pregnant woman’s abdominal brace is to help pregnant women hold up their abdomen. 

For those who feel that the stomach is bigger, more heavy walking time need to use the hand to support the stomach to provide help, especially the connection of the pelvis ligaments looseness pain of pregnant women, abdominal braces can play a supporting role in the back. Still have fetal position to be breech, classics doctor does outside pour after turning art to turn for head, to prevent its return original breech again, can use hold abdomen to bring limitation.

As well as helping to support the abdomen, a brace helps the pregnant woman maintain proper posture.Make pregnant women in pregnancy is still brisk, but also can make the fetus has a sense of stability. In addition to holding the large abdomen to protect the fetus, it also has the function of heat preservation, so that the fetus grows in a warm environment.

  • Product Name: Maternity Belt
  • Size: S/M/L/XL
  • Color: White Skin Black Customized
  • Certificate: CE ODM OEM ISO13485
  • Material: High stretch fish ribbon
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    Product Application

    Bellyband is an elastic band, it is the corset spinal stress good helper, it can lift pregnant mother from the lower abdomen tilted slightly enlarged abdomen, prevent uterine prolapse, fixed position, and it can reduce the pressure on the waist, so pregnant women use the corset is necessary, it has great benefits to the fetal development, can make the fetus has the feeling of stability.

    The abdominal wall of a pregnant woman who has given birth will relax, when the abdominal band can play a role. Wearing the abdomen has many benefits, can prevent the abdominal wall slack and sagging; It can improve the low back pain caused by abdominal muscle relaxation after childbirth; Can be fixed to grow the abdomen, maintain the correct posture, so that pregnant women in pregnancy is still brisk, and can prevent lumbago and limb pain.

    From the four months of pregnancy, the fetus gradually grows up, the pregnant woman's stomach begins to feel falling, the spine is easy to be uncomfortable, the pregnant mother can wear the abdominal belt at this time, to give the abdominal wall an external support.

    Pregnant women prenatal abdominal belt can support the waist very well, after the use of lower abdomen is held up, can make people have a sense of peace, and reduce the weight of the waist, slow back pain.


    1. Has good support force

    2. Prevention and treatment of expectant mothers.

    3. Made of mesh fabric, good ventilation.

    4. Specially designed material, better wear, support and light weight.

    5. Paste design, properly tighten according to personal needs.

    Product Detail

    Material High stretch fish ribbon, neoprene
    Color Black,White,Skin or customized
    MOQ 100PCS
    Packaging Plastic Bag, Zipper Bag, Nylon Bag, Color Box and so on.(Provide customized packaging).
    Logo Customized Logo.
    Size S/M/L/XL



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