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magnetic Waist Brace Neoprene body posture corrector

Short Description:

Leather clavicle strap is used for scapula fracture rehabilitation fixation after surgery.
Posture corrector adjust the band as needed to facilitate effective reduction of medial fracture.
Adult shoulder back corrective posture to prevent hunchback, can let a person straight hunchback.
Posture corrector stretch fixation and reduction of medial fracture,the design is more comfortable.

  • Product name: Back Posture Corrector Brace
  • Feature: Breathable, Breathable, Posture Correction
  • Fuction: Breathable Posture Corrector
  • Type: Back Posture Protection
  • Model Number: XK-420
  • Product Detail

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    Product Application

    Posture corrector can effectively improve the situation of scoliosis and hunchback, restore the natural curvature of the body, spread the pressure of the spine, relieve fatigue, effectively protect the neck and waist, and achieve the effect of lock-in grease and easy body shaping.
    The back posture is convenient to wear, like the action of wearing clothes, wear the back posture, adjust the most comfortable state of the shoulder strap. After the fixed back will be better dressed, and adjust the position of the shoulder, back is not wearing sleep, and even if wearing sleep will not help.
    The main function is to correct scoliosis, maintain the normal state of the spine, adjust the balance of the erector spine muscle on both sides of the lumbar back, so as to achieve the purpose of correction. The correction band has a good effect on mild scoliosis and early spinal deformity. For the formation of bone deformity and calcification and adhesion of ligaments in later stage, minimally invasive surgery and external fixation or internal fixation are required. The effect of comprehensive treatment is better. Scoliosis is mostly due to congenital factors, acquired posture is not correct, resulting in muscle ligament strain and muscle force imbalance.
     Posture corrector effectively improve the phenomenon of slight humpback back correction band is mainly to change the phenomenon of back bending by pulling, but if the back bending is serious, the phenomenon of bone deformity has appeared, the effect of the back correction band is particularly obvious, so as to make the body curve more straight. In the process of correction, we should pay attention to rest, try not to do too strenuous exercise, develop good living habits in daily life, and walk with your head straight.


    1,Fit to human body design, comfortable to wear, good air permeability
    2,Adjustable shoulder strap, high quality adhesive buckle
    3,Multiple sizes available fit anyone
    4,Correct hunchback waist straight abdomen
    5,The special design is more wearable
    6,Fastening design for proper fastening as personal demand.

    Product Detail

    Material Breathable neoprene, Hook&loop 
    Color Black color or customized
    MOQ 100PCS
    Packaging Plastic Bag, Zipper Bag, Nylon Bag, Color Box and so on.(Provide customized packaging).
    Logo Customized Logo.
    Size S/M/L

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