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Medical adjustable wrist splint orthopedic wrist support hand

Short Description:

Wrist joint is a complex joint composed of multiple joints, including radial wrist joint, intercarpal joint and carpal metacarpal joint, but in our life, playing basketball, push-ups, moving things and so on will cause wrist joint damage. The injured wrist can be fixed to effectively avoid secondary injuries and help the injured wrist recover faster. It can be fixed by sprain of the radial bone, which is located on the lateral part of the forearm and divides into two ends. The main manifestations are: wrist force or pain when lifting; The styloid process of the radius is tender and hard nodules can be felt. Can be fixed for thumb joint fracture. A broken thumb joint can cause pain and swelling in the finger. There will be obvious local pain symptoms, pain and activity related, the pain is significantly increased by movement, fracture site swelling. In addition, there will be numbness in the distal end of the finger, local obvious active bleeding fracture, site activity difficulties and other symptoms. Can effectively relieve tenosynovitis pain, tenosynovitis is a common disease, is a sterile inflammation. Finger, thumb, wrist and other parts of the long-term, excessive friction joints, tendons and tendon sheath injury inflammation is likely to occur, causing swelling, pain, limited activity and other symptoms, should be timely treatment after discovery, to prevent aggravation of the condition. Wearing a wrist strap does not mean you can move freely but you still need to be careful to protect the affected area from gravity impact and so on so that you can recover more quickly.

  • Product name: Wrist Splint
  • Function: Relief Wrist Pain
  • Type: Medical Hand Wrist Support Splint
  • Size: S M L
  • Certificate: CE/ISO13485
  • Model Number: XK-302
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    Product Application

    The part of the human body that connects the palm to the front arm, also called the wrist. Main local structures: radial carpal canal, ulnar carpal canal, carpal tunnel. Another solution: wrist: refers to the means, generally used as a derogatory sense, refers to the improper method of treating people and doing things, such as "trick people"; It can also mean ability or ability. The carpal tunnel is surrounded by carpal bones and flexor support bands; The ulnar canal is surrounded by the ulnar end of the flexor retinacular band and the superficial carpal and volar ligaments. The radial carpal canal is formed by the bifurcation of the radial end of the flexor retinae and its attachment to the scaphoid tuberosity and the scaphoid tuberosity.

    In sports, wrist movement is very complex, fine, so it is also vulnerable to injury. The manifestations of wrist injuries are diverse, including acute injuries of ligaments, tendons, bones and joints, and chronic strain injuries.Prevention is key when it comes to preventing wrist injuries. Proper prevention can greatly reduce the chance of injury. Wear wrist protectors or reinforce with elastic bandages to better protect your wrist.

    The role of wrist guard is most used in the recovery period of injury protection. Provides pressure, reduces swelling, limits movement, and allows the injured area to recuperate. Generally more elastic, can play a role in protecting skin body and warmth.

    Exercise, can be repeated absorption of sweat, eliminate moisture. Ergonomic design, fit wrist radian, fixed wrist and function position; Can effectively replace the cast, light and comfortable, fingers can be active, do not interfere with the company copy work. The back and center of the hand are lined with support strips, which can be pulled out for easy cleaning and adjustment. The strips can be shaped according to the body difference of each patient to make it more consistent with physiological curve and more reliable to fix.

    Movable strap, meet different needs, good fixation effect. High elastic texture soft three-dimensional mesh fabric, soft breathable, comfortable to wear; Pure and fresh sky blue suits men and women of different ages, simple and natural, beautiful and easy. High adhesion Velcro, triple fixed firm, can make the wrist to maintain a good static state.


    1. Mild to moderate wrist distortion.

    2. Chronic wrist instability.

    3. Preventive and therapeutic uses in physical activity.

    4. Made of mesh fabric, good ventilation.

    5. Specially designed PP for better installation, support and lighter weight.

    6. Velcro design, properly tighten according to individual needs.

    7. Suitable for right and left hands.

    Product Detail

    Material Breathable neoprene, sponge pad, elastic band, aluminium alloy
    Color Black color or customized
    MOQ 100PCS
    Packaging Plastic Bag, Zipper Bag, Nylon Bag, Color Box and so on.(Provide customized packaging).
    Logo Customized Logo.
    Size S/M/L

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