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New Design Shoulder Support Brace For Broken Fractured Arm

Short Description:

The functions of adjustable shoulder abduction fixed braces can be divided into three categories: first, elbow flexion and extension. The second is shoulder adduction and abduction. The third is internal rotation and external rotation of the shoulder joint.

Shoulder abduction structure: Angle adjustment bracket, internal and external rotation adjustment, adjustable Angle chuck, plastic protection plate, composite cloth lining,(shoulder waist) fixed belt composition.

Shoulder abduction support is suitable for the fixation of deltoid palsy, supraspinous tendon fracture, scapula fracture, humeral tuberosity fracture, surgical neck fracture of humerus, shoulder joint after surgery, dislocation correction, brachial plexus nerve palsy or strain, and acute periarthritis of shoulder, suppurative arthritis of shoulder joint, shoulder joint tuberculosis.

The patient takes a standing or semi-sitting position, assists to keep shoulder joint 85-90° outward-adduction 45 °, elbow flexion 90° wear, after wearing the bag straighten appropriate tightness; When sleeping, you should take half decubitus position and pad your elbow joints to prevent numbness of your dangling hands.

  • Product name: Orthosis Shoulder abduction
  • Function: Relieve shoulder sprain, soft tissue injury pain
  • Feature:: High quality, comfortable to wear and easy to adjust
  • Material: Composite cloth
  • Application: Hospital, outdoors, in home
  • Model Number: XK-204
  • Product Detail

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    Product Application

    Shoulder abduction fixed support, also known as shoulder abduction support, is a static fixed shoulder orthosis device. It is suitable for fixation of shoulder joint after surgery, humerus fracture combined with radial nerve injury, deltoid palsy, supraspinal tendon fracture, fracture of shoulder joint, dislocation repair, brachial plexus nerve palsy or strain, also with acute periarthritis of shoulder, suppurative arthritis of shoulder joint, tuberculosis of shoulder joint and so on.

    Shoulder abduction support

    Outreach package, support block, long and short band fixed composition. The outer surface of the abduction wrapping is curved into a convex concave curve to accommodate the humanoid axils; High-density interior, memory foam filled, surface covered with nylon cloth; The inner support block is also the same as the packaging with the abduction and filling material, through the support block connected with the abduction Velcro group; Two bands of fixed length packet and torso fixed outreach, two short belt on both ends of the forearm and support piece fixed on a fixed outreach package fastening belt, through outreach package, and supporting block length, and fixed short kidnapping support the configuration of the interconnection between surgery not only shoulder abduction, reduces the local repairing tendons tension, promote tendon healing, easy to use, simple structure, strong brake, Comfortable to wear.

    Matters needing attention

    Wear cotton loose-fitting cardigans and flatten them to increase breathability and comfort;

    Check the skin under pressure regularly to prevent pressure ulcers.

    Change clothes to take off the support, to use the healthy hand to help the patient side arm, gently take gently, keep the position unchanged, must not shift;

    Put on clothes should first wear the affected side, then wear the healthy side, take off the opposite;

    The time of wearing the brace, the time when the joint starts to move and the range of motion shall be carried out according to the clinician's requirements.

    Assembly needs to know:

    1. Under the guidance of the physician, the length of the axillary bracing should be adjusted appropriately according to the height of the patient, and then the thoracic band, iliac crest band and shoulder strap should be tightened to ensure good support and load free of the orthosis.

    2. Adjust the length of the upper arm brace and forearm brace of the orthosis according to the patient's arm length, so that the elbow joint and wrist joint are in the correct position, and then tie the upper arm fixing band and forearm fixing band.

    3. Determine the Angle of shoulder abduction by adjusting the length of the axillary stay rod or the adjusting plate of shoulder abduction and adduction; Elbow flexion Angle is determined by adjusting the elbow adjustment plate.

    4. When the patient stands or lies in bed, the affected limb can be in a raised position to facilitate swelling, inflammation and pain relief.


    1. Mild to moderate shoulder distortion.

    2. Chronic shoulder instability.

    3. Preventive and therapeutic uses in physical activity.

    4. Made of mesh fabric, good ventilation.

    5. Specially designed PP for better installation, support and lighter weight.

    6. Tighten properly according to personal requirements.

    7. Separate right shoulder and left shoulder.

    Product Detail

    Material Breathable neoprene, sponge pad, elastic band, aluminium alloy
    Color Black,Grey color or customized
    MOQ 10PCS
    Packaging Plastic Bag, Zipper Bag, Nylon Bag, Color Box and so on.(Provide customized packaging).
    Logo Customized Logo.
    Size Free size

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