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About Arm Sling Introduction

About Arm Sling Introduction

Arm Sling Application :

It is suitable for the fixation of arm injuries and fractures.

It is suitable for many kinds of fracture of upper limb, which reduces the upper arm strength of patients, is economical and durable, and can be adjusted up and down. This product makes patients feel comfortable. Protection and fixation of upper limb fracture during rehabilitation period.

Arm Sling Function

This product is made of ventilated mesh cloth, regardless of left or right. The shoulder strap can be adjusted, washed and has strong fastness.

For upper limb fractures, forearm fractures, radius fractures, wrist injury, shoulder dislocation, humerus or clavicle fractures. It is suitable for the adjuvant treatment of soft tissue contusion after upper arm operation. It is mainly used for forearm fracture, radius fracture and wrist joint injury.


Arm Sling Introduction:

A sling is a device that hangs from your neck to support your arm. Your arm, bent at the elbow, rests in the sling. This is to help take some of the weight off your neck. Can be used after surgery, injury, or first aid. Can make the  upper limb fracture, hand trauma and other patients who need forearm suspension to fix the upper limb, maintain the functional position, prevent limb swelling, avoid pain and discomfort, prevent forearm slippage and local skin ulcers and other complications;

The length of the sling can be adjusted, local fixation is secure, shoulder and elbow are padded, and the clinical effect is satisfactory.

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Post time: Mar-15-2022