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About finger splints

About finger splints

1.Bigfoot bone pathology

   Thigh bone is refers to the great toe 15 degrees outward tilt is greater than the physical aspects of a kind of abnormal symptoms, its main cause is located at the base of the big toe joint dislocation, cause big toe to the lateral bending, thumb phalanges head outward, in addition to squeeze into the other toes, it is easier for the friction caused due to wear shoes big toe joint swelling in the medial dorsal or inflammation, The outer edge of the protruding bone is also prone to thick skin and bursa, causing permanent toe deformation and pain. The early clinical symptoms as the first plantar bone pain and swelling of the bump, local skin irritation of inflammation, and even skin ulcer, serious can make big toe more likely to overlap with the second toe, make cock toes strength weak, gradually can’t keep balance while standing, bending and stability to be in harmony for all kinds of action, Finally, the tendons and fascia of the sole of the foot become stiff, inflamed and spiked. When the pain worsens throughout the sole of the foot, the patient cannot wear shoes, resulting in a great impact on daily life and walking.

2.What does bigfoot bone and joint corrector wear?

   Bigfoot bone and joint orthotics through special elastic bandage and external flexible mechanical arm interaction force, correct the Angle of toe deformity, the big toe and foot arch position elastic bandage can be adjusted flexibly according to the patient’s foot type, wearing more comfortable. According to the principle of combining human motion mechanics and mechanical mechanics, the mechanical arm can change the Angle with the walking posture of the foot. It can be worn and used for 24 hours to reduce the pain caused by bunion, gradually improve the joint deformity Angle, restore the thumb to the natural state, and comprehensively shape the foot. It can be worn with shoes to correct the movement.

   Arch splint is made of polymer by high temperature molding, which conforms to the physiological structure characteristics of human body and can adjust and adjust the strength flexibly. Elastic bandages are made of high-density lanelette fabric, which is soft and breathable. The bandage adopts imported super delicate hook surface combination technology, which can adjust the tightness freely, and has a shaping effect on the sole of the foot. The metatarsal support pad on the bottom of the foot effectively supports the arch of the foot, distributes pressure evenly, relieves pain and protects the joint. Arch support pad to restore the correct stress on the sole of the foot; Scientific design in line with the characteristics of human physiological structure, effectively stabilize and support the free movement of the great toe joint, keep the flexibility of the toe.

3.What are the features of our orthotics?

(1) The reinforced bigfoot orthotic adopts latex ultra-elastic, breathable and bacteria-proof, the molecular structure of latex is special, and it has good decomposition and permeability, and inhibits the breeding of bacteria and parasites;

(2) Open latex porous air bag structure, so that the air in the inside of the toe can still freely flow, can disperse the hot air and sweat caused by the contact between the skin and the orthosis during correction, maintain the best state of correction;

(3) Latex corrective pad can fully contact the force surface inside the big toe, can evenly disperse the pressure of the big toe, automatically adjust the inaccurate force, let the big toe recover in relaxation;

④ The plant and chitin fiber plastic belt can inhibit bacteria, deodorize, relieve itching, breathe out, moisturize and prevent dryness, care for the skin and other functions, the sole of the foot is fully balanced force, correct the bunion wide sole;

(5) According to the foot bone structure, the scientific design of u-shaped rigid fiber toe support, with super strength.

4.Let me show you a picture of the orthotic.


Post time: Apr-08-2022