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Concept of rehabilitation medical devices

Concept of rehabilitation medical devices

he concept of user experience belongs to psychology. It mainly focuses on the psychological feelings of individuals in the process of using products or enjoying services, and highlights the user experience from the aspects of product concept, structure, appearance, hardware and software. Therefore, user experience covers all aspects of the interaction process between individuals and products, such as sensory and emotional aspects. The integration of various factors forms a three-dimensional user experience. Driven by people’s increasing experience in high-quality medical treatment, a variety of medical products have sprung up in China. Based on the difference of functional orientation, these medical products can be roughly divided into diagnosis, rehabilitation and monitoring medical products, among which rehabilitation medical products have attracted more and more attention of industry experts and patients. The popularity of experience economy has also led to a revolutionary change in the medical rehabilitation product industry. The concept of user experience gradually shows its strong vitality in the design of medical products.

In recent years, with the rise of the concept of medical rehabilitation, medical rehabilitation products are gradually integrated into people’s lives. The key to make medical rehabilitation products play the best role is to embed user experience method at the beginning of product design. At present, the design of rehabilitation medical products is often based on sensory, emotional experience and other methods to provide users with the best rehabilitation experience.

The design method of rehabilitation medical products based on sensory experience is the most basic method to design rehabilitation medical products. As the name suggests, this user experience design method focuses on the experience of patients at the basic sensory level. Generally speaking, color matching, modeling design and material selection can be considered comprehensively. The cold feeling of traditional medical products and people’s subordinate position in the doctor-patient relationship will lead to negative and fear emotions when users use rehabilitation medical products. In design, they have to use shape, color and texture. Integration makes it visually reflect the artistic beauty of the design, and makes the product more emotional appeal. The basic sensory experience design method can greatly reduce the negative user experience. In fact, each color or color combination can always bring a different experience to the patient. Red is warm and unrestrained, black is cool and dreary. Based on the functional orientation of the product, the reasonable choice of color can bring the patients a sense of security and comfort. The design should reflect the professional consciousness and safety of medical rehabilitation products. Large and complex instruments are small and sophisticated instruments. Through the combination of smooth and non exaggerated lines and faces, it creates a harmonious human-machine harmony. Try to avoid straight lines to avoid cold feeling. The use of different materials in rehabilitation medical products provides users with different texture experience. Plastic materials have flexibility and elasticity, such as ABS resin; metal materials have good luster and hard texture. Combine the special functions of various materials to get the best combination. Therefore, the design of rehabilitation medical products based on sensory experience needs to pay more attention to the coordination between various senses, comprehensive color matching, modeling design, material selection skills, and the integration of sound, light and shadow to provide users with the best sensory experience.

A design method of rehabilitation medical products based on emotional experience. The concept of rehabilitation medical product design based on emotional experience is at a high level in medical product design. The experience emphasizes more internal and deeper user emotional refraction, such as happy mood, personalized experience, symbolic meaning and so on. Compared with sensory experience design method, it focuses more on the emotional experience involved in the use of products and services. When the design of medical rehabilitation products is integrated with the design method of emotional experience, medical products will surpass their own physical rehabilitation value, and can become the emotional sustenance of patients and give them comfort. For example, in the case of the more serious elderly living in the country, emotional ties can be an important aspect of the choice and use of medical rehabilitation products.

The booming experience economy injects fresh blood into the development of the medical rehabilitation product industry, and points out the development direction of the medical rehabilitation product industry. The embodiment of people-oriented concept in medical rehabilitation product industry is the integration of user experience methods. Putting user experience at the forefront of medical rehabilitation product design can significantly improve the scientificity, efficiency and convenience of product services. Medical rehabilitation products based on user experience are in line with the trend of the times, and also meet the personalized needs of people for rehabilitation products. At present, user experience methods based on sensory experience and emotional experience are widely used in the design of rehabilitation medical products. This study deeply analyzed various methods to better promote the development of medical rehabilitation products. At present, there are still many deficiencies in the design of rehabilitation medical devices in China. Product positioning is still mainly based on the realization of main functions. The focus and deep integration of user experience is still in a relatively backward stage, so it is widely used in various medical products. The idea of penetrating the user experience is particularly important.

Post time: May-14-2021