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Elbow brace orthopedic brace introduction

Elbow brace orthopedic brace introduction

At present, there are various fixed supports on the market. In order to save money and trouble, many patients do not come to the hospital but buy their own braces to wear. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I find that a lot of people buy things blindly, which often backfires. Therefore, I personally feel it is necessary to introduce some commonly used orthopedic braces and their uses and matters needing attention to patients in detail here, so that patients can have a better understanding of their functions and reference.

Knee fixation brace

 There are many kinds of knee fixation bracing, which can be used for knee fracture or ligament injury around the knee. In practice, the latter can be worn if fractures or ligament damage is minor, and can be removed during functional exercises. If the injury is more serious, the former should be worn, then the joint Angle device, this is important. Knee joint is also very easy to adhesion and stiff joints, we should start exercise as early as possible, otherwise it will cause sexual sequela. This brace is highly protective, and we can constantly increase the degree of exercise by adjusting the Angle, step by step, so that the joint function recovery to the limit.

Ankle fixation brace

 Ankle fixation braces can fix periankle fractures, posterior foot fractures and ankle ligament injuries. It can be fixed instead of traditional gypsum, which is convenient to remove and wash. The one on the left is the ankle walking boot, which is suitable for some patients after fracture and ligament surgery or conservative treatment. However, it needs to be used under the guidance of doctors. It is not allowed to wear walking at will, so as not to aggravate the injury. The image in the middle shows ankle binding, which is only used as an adjunctive treatment for ankle sprains and cannot be used for fracture fixation because it does not have effective support. This one on the right is suitable for the fixation of fracture, the length and hardness are very appropriate, but it can not walk on the ground, and the role of plaster is the same.

The foot support

Foot fractures can be fixed with the brace described above. Another practical application is hallux valgus bracing, which can correct the deformity, prevent its aggravation and delay the operation. Our company has a variety of foot valgus supports, some of which are very effective. We hope that patients can wear them correctly under the guidance of instructions.


Post time: May-07-2022