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How to distinguish kneecap from patella band?

How to distinguish kneecap from patella band?

1.What is the difference between kneecap and patella strap?

(1)The main function of knee pads is protection and support. The knee joint is where the femur and femur bones meet. In front is the patella, in the middle is the meniscus, and around it is secured and protected by muscles and ligaments. Normally, when walking normally, the knee acts like a hinge, with the kneecap moving up and down without rocking back and forth or from side to side. But under intense motion, because force is too big, muscle ligament strength is not enough and fatigue wait for an element to also be able to let kneecap produce non-linear motion, at this moment knee is likely to be injured. Kneecap plays a role of protection and support, fixing the kneecap in a relatively stable position, making it move according to a predetermined trajectory, which can reduce the probability of injury. Knee pads have large protective area, more comprehensive performance and better protective effect, which can play a role in preventing injury, assisting rehabilitation and protecting injured knee joints.

(2)The patella band is also a kind of protection for the knee joint. It is not as big as the kneepad and is flexible to wear. The main role of the patella band is to protect the patella ligament, stabilize the patella, reduce the wear of the meniscus, and also have a good protective effect on the joint, which can effectively relieve the pain of the joint caused by sports, especially in the front of the joint, and also have a good relief effect on the pain caused by the strain of the front of the joint.

Patella band is more flexible to use. If applied laterally it stabilizes the lateral collateral ligament and the distal iliotibial band. Applying pressure between the femur and tibia reduces pressure and wear on cartilage such as the meniscus.

2.If the injury injury how to choose knee pads?

(1). Straps are fixed

It is recommended for those with patellar tendinitis, patellomalacia, patellofemoral pain syndrome and iliotibial band syndrome.

This band, also called a pressure band, usually has two types of binding:

Below the knee at the patellar tendon, the main function is to help distribute the stress on the patellar tendon.

The other is fixed above the knee, which relieves tension of the iliotibial band, reducing friction against the external epicondyle of the femur during exercise.

The pressure generated by immobilization provides feedback to the brain, enhancing proprioception of the knee and increasing neuromuscular control.

(2).Knee sleeve

It is mainly used for mild edema, such as mild arthritis, or mild sprain. Knee cuff, is not perforated. As the name suggests, it completely covers the knee joint like a sleeve. It is usually a compressible material, which can promote the detumescence and blood circulation of the knee joint, and also has the effect of strengthening proprioception.

(3). Smart water bottle

It is most suitable for patelomalacia and loose patellofemoral movement. The patella protector is perforated. Such a design can better fix the patella, promote the patella in the normal orbit, avoid the stimulation caused by abnormal displacement, and reduce the pressure on the patella to some extent.

3.What are the advantages of running knee protection with kneepad or patella belt?

(1)Knee pads are more common and of various types. They have strong protection and can take care of the muscles, ligaments and joints of the whole knee joint to avoid injury. And some kneepad products are more advanced, but also added with silica gel cushion to strengthen cushioning, which is conducive to support and protection, but also has the function of rapid heat dissipation and ventilation, which is more suitable for sports. So when running, you can choose knee pads to effectively protect your health.

(2)The patella band also has the function of protecting the knee, but its main function is to protect the patella ligament and reduce the wear of the meniscus, thus effectively relieving joint pain and making it easier for patients to exercise. Moreover, the patella band is more flexible to use. If the pressure is applied on the side, it can stabilize the lateral collateral ligament and the end of the iliotibial band, which has a good effect on protecting the patella. The use of this product basically does not interfere with the normal range of motion, especially in summer wear comfort is better.

Post time: Mar-11-2022