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More and More Common Application Posture Corrector

More and More Common Application Posture Corrector

More and More Common Application Posture Corrector


Posture Corrector Introduce  


Used for fixation of clavicle fractures, can replace‘8’type bandage and plaster, prevent axillary blood vessels and limb bone nerve injury.

Used for Hunchback, standing is not straight, spinal curvature, spinal force balance, shoulder tilt, bending case myopia.

 Posture corrector help to improve and fix bad posture, Whether you have a hunchback or slumped shoulders, suffer from Osteoporosis, Scoliosis, Thoracic, Lordosis or Kyphosis to strengthen your muscles make a positive impact, and prevent further damage.


Posture Corrector Function


The main corrector of this product is to correct sitting posture. 

Thanks to its design, you can comfortably wear it all day long, without even feeling it.

Use high grade cloth and belt to join lumbar back and knee, can adjust length not easily break again already, have great stability. 

Through the support of shoulder back and collarbone band, the collarbone is fixed and the collarbone posture is corrected, which is convenient for better recovery. 

At the same time, the soft thick shoulder pad relieves and reduces the pressure on the underarm soft tissue, making it more comfortable to wear. 


Why Should I Choose These Products? 


Good quality back posture corrector, helps to support the upper back and correct the posture. 

The main function of the back posture is Corrects your posture and restores healthier stature to your body. 
Contribute to growing development. Health products for men and women bodybuilding, for office daily wear. 

 correct the dynamic and static state of young people’s bad posture, and help the body to maintain the correct sitting, standing, walking and walking posture. 


Cervical Collar&Neck Support Picture Show 


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