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Related reports about stomatal band

Related reports about stomatal band

1.What is a stoma band? What is the role of stoma band?

“The stomostomy belt is suitable for both general abdominal surgery patients, but also for sigmoid ileum and urinary tract stomostomy and stomostomy fistula patients, convenient for medical staff to observe and manage the wound stomostomy, improve patient comfort, recyclable use.”

The role of the abdominal band after delivery is mainly to help lift the position of the internal organs.Because in the process of childbirth, the body’s internal organs will be squeezed as the fetus grows up, after the baby is born, the maternal internal organs also need a period of time to recover. At this time, the use of medical abdominal belt, for the internal organs have been squeezed has a certain auxiliary role. However, when using the abdominal band, we should pay attention not only to the stomach and upper abdomen, but also to the problem of the lower abdomen. The pressure will tighten the lower abdomen, and when the upper abdomen and stomach can be relaxed, so that the organs of the body will not be pushed to the lower part.

2.Method of use of stomatal band.

The abdominal band is suitable for both general abdominal surgery patients, and for sigmoid ileum and urinary tract stoma and stoma fistula patients, which is convenient for medical staff to observe and manage the wound stoma, improve the patient’s comfort, recyclable use.

After the incision was processed, the stomatal chassis was constructed according to the shape of the stomatal, and the stomatal bag was pasted. Then, the abdominal band of the medical stomatal was correctly placed under the patient’s waist according to the surgical method. For example, the sigmoid colostomy was located in the left abdomen, and the abdominal side of the abdominal band was placed on the left side of the patient. Ileostomy and urostomy were located on the corresponding right abdomen, and the abdominal band was opposite. Those without stoma can be placed flexibly according to the drainage tube leading position, and the drainage tube can be led out from the elastic belt interval. Open the circular window cover of the stoma opening window, gently put the stoma bag outside the abdominal band through the circular window, observe the wound window cover the wound position, and then buckle the child and mother buckle according to the patient’s waist.

After the patient returned to the ward, open the wound observation window to observe the wound situation at any time; By opening the window of the stoma, it can be observed at any time whether the mucosa of the stoma is ruddy, whether there is bleeding, ischemia, edema and other complications, the situation of stoma exhaust and defecation, and the color and character of the excretion. Ostomy chassis and skin stick closely, and can carry out ostomy pocket inspection, cleaning, replacement and other ostomy care operations. If no opening is made, close the round cover of the opening.

3.What are the effects of a stoma?

(1). Protect the surgical incision;


(2). effectively avoid stoma hernia;


(3). It can play a good auxiliary role in the rehabilitation and nursing of patients with ostomy;


(4). Reinforce the bearing capacity of the pocket.

Post time: Apr-15-2022