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What is the difference between flat abdominal band and supporting abdominal band?

What is the difference between flat abdominal band and supporting abdominal band?

1.How to distinguish flat abdominal band from supporting abdominal band?

The abdominal belt plays a tightening and fixing role on the abdomen; Can effectively eliminate excess fat, weight loss, abdominal retraction; Reduce local edema and pain, and promote postpartum and post-injury recovery. The main function of a pregnant woman’s abdominal brace is to help pregnant women hold up their abdomen. For those who feel that the stomach is bigger, more heavy walking time need to use the hand to support the stomach to provide help, especially the connection of the pelvis ligaments looseness pain of pregnant women, abdominal braces can play a supporting role in the back. Still have fetal position to be breech, classics doctor does outside pour after turning art to turn for head, to prevent its return original breech again, can use hold abdomen to bring limitation.

2.The role of the abdominal band:

In the early stages of pregnancy, there will be no abnormal phenomenon without the use of abdominal braces, but from five months of pregnancy, with the increase of the abdomen, the body changes, some pregnant mothers will feel low back pain. Pregnant mothers who have given birth to the abdominal wall will occur relaxation phenomenon, at this time the use of abdominal braces will be better.

The abdominal band mainly has the following functions:

a. It can prevent abdominal wall relaxation and prolapse (abdomen and uterus prolapse forward);

b. It can improve the low back pain caused by improper posture caused by abdominal muscle relaxation;

c. It can fix the bloated abdomen, keep the correct posture, so that the pregnant mother is still brisk in pregnancy, and can prevent lumbago and limb pain. Can also make the fetus has a sense of stability.

d. In addition to supporting the protruding abdomen and protecting the fetus in the abdomen, it also has the effect of heat preservation.

Super elastic material, good adhesion, flat waist and abdomen, complete covering, concentrated sweating, reusable.

The role of flat abdominal belt:

a. Super elastic material, can be adjusted at will, let you quickly concentrate sweat, gradually away from the “Western pear” figure, regain the waist curve!

b. Can be combined with essential oil, SPA salt, massage cream and other products to massage, double the effect.

c. The cloth with elastic material has excellent adhesion, which will not fall off and shift when used with movement. It can be completely covered and immediately sculpture your waist.

d. Easy to put on and take off, convenient to use and can be cleaned and reused.

e.Ultra-thin material floating stick feeling, can be used at any time. Many parturient women in order to maintain a beautiful figure, the month on the upper abdominal belt, wear tight underwear, think that this can be stretched back hipbones. Maternal this idea is understandable, but the abdomen is the human body’s large blood vessel density place, after the abdominal bundle, the veins will be under pressure and cause lower limb varicose veins or hemorrhoids. At the same time, due to blocked arteries, blood vessels have a limited ability to supply blood, resulting in a lack of blood supply to the heart, compression of the muscles around the spine, hindering the normal movement of the muscles and blood supply. Therefore, long-term bundle waist can cause symptoms such as lumbar muscle strain.

On the other hand, if the maternal waist tight abdomen is too tight, will also cause increased abdominal pressure, reproductive organs by pelvic floor support tissue and ligament support decreased, resulting in uterine prolapse, uterine tilt after flexion, vaginal anterior wall or posterior wall bulge and other symptoms. And easy to induce pelvic venous stasis disease, pelvic inflammation, adjunctitis and other gynecological diseases. Affecting reproductive organs at the same time, but also make intestinal tract by greater pressure, after the meal intestinal peristalsis slowly, appetite decline or constipation.

If it is a Caesarean section, the abdomen is generally wrapped with an abdominal band within seven days of the operation, which is needed to promote wound healing. However, after abdominal stitches are removed, it is not suitable to use abdominal bands for a long time. In addition, because the body is too thin or the symptoms of internal organ ptosis, the abdominal band can lift the viscera, and it is appropriate to release the abdominal band after the viscera lift support is restored. If the mother is normal delivery, you should strengthen exercise, often do leg lifts, sit-ups and some maternal exercises, not long-term use of abdominal belt, while breastfeeding can promote the recovery of mother’s body.

3.What’s the difference in showing it through pictures?

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