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Why are medical Achilles boots becoming more and more popular?

Why are medical Achilles boots becoming more and more popular?

1. What are medical Achilles tendon boots?

Achilles tendon boot is a medical ankle joint fixed support, which belongs to the adjustable fixed support series. It can be used for the protection of calf drum and Achilles tendon fracture, as well as for the discharge of plaster fixation and foot drop fixator. Achilles tendon boots are divided into a variety of styles, including inflatable adjustable, adjustable Angle Achilles tendon, ordinary Achilles tendon, inflatable Achilles tendon boots, etc. Patients should buy and use them under the guidance of professional doctors according to their injuries.

2.What is the use of Achilles tendon boots?

   Use the Achilles boot at a 90 degree Angle and place three heel pads under the cover. After a week of use, the fastest recovery can remove the bottom layer of the heel pad, every week or one more day. However, the removal of heel pads should also be determined according to the recovery of the individual, to avoid overstretching the Achilles tendon and re-injury.

   When the Angle is restored to the forefoot can be upturned, then adjust the Angle of the boot, so that the boot within a certain range of movement, swing Angle is not too large, must be less than the range of movement of the ankle joint, so as to better recovery.

3.The principle and action of assist shoe?

   Achilles tendon boots walker shoes weight is a kind of the human body, it has a base, the front wheel, rear wheel, shaft and sole, front and rear wheel installed on the base of former bevel gear shaft, step voltage balancing mechanism are installed on the base and tooth box, foot pressure balancing mechanism consists of two parts, balance nakedness and balance the upper, balance the nakedness in the base, the balancing the upper inserting move up and down in the body, the tooth boxes Located in the middle of the balance lower body, the rack is inserted into the tooth box and the one-way transmission wheel meshing transmission; The drive shaft installed on the base is connected with the front axle and tooth box through bevel gear. There is a limiter on the balance lower body to prevent the balance upper body from pulling out, the sole is fixed on the balance upper body, and a brake is installed on the rear wheel shaft. The invention converts human treading force into power, improves walking speed, and provides people with a green environmental protection appliance without carbon emission, which is small in size, light in weight, low in cost, convenient in use, energy saving and environmental protection.

4.The principle and action of assist shoe?

   Elastic power ventilation shoes break the current popular design of shoes can only breathe, change the air circulation environment inside the shoes, into a new concept of shoes from through to ventilation. The design not only increases the circulation of air inside the shoes, but also can make the air flow directly to the feet, so that the air inside the shoes from static to dynamic, more innovative, advanced and practical than the breathable design. Elastic booster for air shoes set the room ventilation device, its advanced not only embodies ventilation, walking sole touches the ground, air chamber pressure contraction cushion to the feet and legs have a positive effect, and the shoe body raised up, the elastic force and ventilation room can produce addition to walk, so the elastic booster for air shoes punch than ordinary shoes is comfortable, dry, light, When walking, the feet and legs are not easy to produce fatigue, than the installation of air cushion, air column device leisure shoes and sports leisure shoes in the technical level has more advantages and significant characteristics. Elastic power ventilation shoes for independent innovative products, is the first in China, in the functional design of shoes in a leading position, is the direction of future market development, product development of the commercial front is extremely broad.

Post time: Mar-25-2022