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Why Cervical Collar&Neck Support So Popular Now From Xukang Medical

Why Cervical Collar&Neck Support So Popular Now From Xukang Medical


Cervical Collar&Neck Support Introduce

Our Cervical Collar is made of soft Philadelphia,Foam ,Plastic,or  Flannel Cervical ,High polymer material.

Strong permeability, strong and durable. Not easy to deform, comfortable to wear.

Neck Brace Soothe the Pain Away! Neck Brace ideal to gently support your neck and head .

Manufactured with the highest standards on orthopedic appliances and have different size.

Combined with a Hook&Loop, which allows you to adjust and secure the position of the collar.

There are different types of cervical collars. Which one you need will depend on your type of neck injury or the underlying cause of your neck pain.


Cervical Collar&Neck Support  Efficacy and Effect 

Features a warming property, which helps you keeping your neck warm, soothing the pain .

Designed to treat acute and chronic neck pain, cervical spine diseases and inflammation .

Neck support perfect to keep your neck steady.

It gently supports your head, providing a relief from acute and chronic pain and inflammation.

Thanks to its design, you can comfortably wear it all day long, without even feeling it.

The warming property keeps your neck warm, while the breathable fabric absorbs your sweat, keeping you dry.


Why Should I Choose These Products? 

Made of , convenient and easy. Large throat hole design, suitable for the support after neck operation.

This Neck Support device is designed to treat light and medium neck conditions.

It provides enough support and compression to keep your neck steady, and it gives a relief from the pain.

With our Neck Brace you can soothe your neck pain away, in an effective way!


Cervical Collar&Neck Support Picture Show 




Post time: Dec-24-2021