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Professional Finger rehabilitation extension curved Orthopedic Finger Splint XK809

Short Description:

Medical Malleable Aluminum Splint Low Price Baseball Finger Splint Metal Finger Splint For Rehabilitation .

Inadequate finger straightening, finger injury or finger spasm after long-term arthritis, used for rupture of finger tendons.

Hammer finger caused by end segment bone tear, protection after fingertip injury, especially after fingertip cleaning and suture.

It is suitable for functional exercise of extensor longus and extensor digitorum tendons, prevention and correction of contracture and rigidity, and paralysis of extensor carpi and extensor digitorum rehabilitation training.

  • Name: Finger Trainer Splint XK809
  • Size: Free Size
  • Instrument: CLASS I
  • MOQ: 20PCS
  • Material: Aluminum bars ,Neoprene,Spring Stay
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    Product Application

    Now medical finger when wearing hand splint splint a large number of patients with different materials for the production of the cornering splint, prevent or correct the digit ruler received obvious therapeutic effect, especially in the early after wear, not only can prevent the deformation of joints, also help hand daily life activities, and can alleviate pain, promote the absorption of oedema. Because this kind of splint production methods are diverse, simple materials, economic and aesthetic, patients are willing to accept, easy to promote clinical application, relieve finger pain, correct finger shape. 

    A finger splint is used to protect injured fingers. Its main function is to keep the finger still and prevent the finger from bending. In addition, it can also help the finger regain movement after arthritis, surgery, surgery and other causes of finger bending. A static splint fits the shape of the finger and protects the finger while it heals. This splint allows finger positioning for optimal healing. Static splints are usually made of pliable metal with a soft lining on one side. Some splints stick just below the finger, while others wrap the finger completely to further protect it.

    Stacking splints can be used when various medical conditions force the finger joints closest to the nail to constantly bend. The splint goes through the bent joint of the finger. It forces joints to remain unbent while allowing other joints to flex freely. Most stacking splints are made .Dynamic finger splints provide optimal long-term relief for arthritic bent fingers. Metal, foam, this splint is made of . Patients usually wear it at night when they sleep. The spring mechanism can adjust the extension of the finger.A homemade splint affixed to the underside of the injured finger is used to treat minor sprains and injuries. Wooden flat canes are a good size and shape for homemade splints seek medical attention if an injured finger is deformed .External fixation for unstable interphalangeal joints; Fixed phalanx fracture to prevent fracture displacement. Used to improve the passive flexion range of the interphalangeal joint.

    The medical finger splint of the utility model has good air permeability, the pressure elasticity of the pressure plate on the finger is adjustable, and the tightness of the elastic band can be adjusted according to the injured part of the patient and the thickness of the finger, so as to facilitate the rehabilitation of the patient's finger and prevent the deformation of finger bones.


    1. Medical finger splint has good air permeability.

    2. Adjustable elasticity of the pressure plate on the finger 

    3. prevent the deformation of finger bones. 

    4. Special designed PP for better fitting,supporting and light weight.

    5. Hook&Loop design for proper fastening as personal demand.

    6. Prophylactic and therapeutic use in medical exercise, arthritis, surgery, activities

    Product Detail

    Material Aluminum bars ,Neoprene,Spring Stay
    Color  Silver color or customized
    MOQ 20PCS
    Packaging Plastic Bag, Zipper Bag, Nylon Bag, Color Box and so on.(Provide customized packaging).
    Logo Customized Logo.
    Size Free Size



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