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XK102 Philadelphia Neck Support

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Product Name: Philadelphia Cervical Collar

Product Model: XK102


Product Application :

It is suitable for the fixation of neck fracture and neck fixation in the rehabilitation period of cervical spondylosis.

Philadelphia neck support is a kind of sports nursing to correct human body after injury, which can reduce the intensive and large-scale activities after injury as far as possible, and promote the recovery of neck in a short time. Philadelphia neck support is a professional medical nursing instrument, which can not only provide better protection and fixation, but also provide patients with a certain degree of comfort.

Philadelphia cervical support can provide the necessary stable support for the cervical spine after simple and stable fracture. Please fix the cervical spine according to the doctor's advice. The Philadelphia neck bracket has a strong fixation effect and is very comfortable to wear.

the Philadelphia neck support is made of polymer foam material. According to the shape of the human shoulder and neck, there are breathable holes around the neck bracket, reinforced with plastic plates, and buckled and adjustable. It is mainly used for cervical spine fracture fixation, dislocation reduction and fixation, etc. Because of the light weight and the air vent, the wearing comfort is further improved. It is waterproof and easy to clean with warm water and neutral soap.

It is suitable for the treatment and fixation of cervical spondylosis, dislocation of cervical facet joint and subluxation. There are large, medium and small models, and each model has room for fine adjustment. General patients can use medium, slightly fat or thin patients can use large or small. There is little difference among different models, The white-collar workers who have been working near the computer for a long time are prone to cervical spondylosis because their head and neck are always in a forward leaning state and they work for more than ten hours every day. If they have a self-service neck support around them, when they feel tired or uncomfortable, they can put on the neck support to fix their neck in a normal position, and then you can continue to work.


This product is made of Philadelphia materials. Air holes around, can be worn for a long time, small size, easy to carry.

High quality and high density foam provides maximum support for the neck and comfort of the human body, allowing patients to reduce pain during recovery. Provide humanized design for fixation and support after cervical vertebra surgery.

The cervical spine is fixed by restricting head movement according to human design.

There are also large openings for emergency tracheotomy or cranial pulse monitoring.

Molded design provides maximum support and comfort.

Product Detail:

Material: Philadelphia foam, hook and loop

Color: Skin color

Size: S/M/L

Certificate: CE and FDA

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