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XK109 Cervical Collar

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Product Name: Cervical Collar

Product Model: XK109

Product Application:

It is suitable for cervical vertebra injury and nerve root cervical spondylosis, such as first aid, car accident, etc., and has obvious effect on neck pain caused by long working hours, studying or driving.


The primary function of the neck brace is

1. Fix the cervical vertebra in the appropriate position, change the bad posture, and maintain the normal posture.

By supporting the neck muscles to rest, relieve muscle spasms, reduce local pain.

2. Relieve excessive neck movement to maintain local stability.

3. Relieve and improve the pressure state of the intervertebral space, reduce the strain and degeneration of the cervical disc, and help to recover as soon as possible, and avoid possible trauma.

4. Correct the imbalance of internal and external balance of cervical vertebra, prevent joint disorder, dislocation and dislocation, so as to maintain the stability of cervical vertebra sequence, intervertebral body and interarticular, and strengthen the support function of neck.

5. As a non-operative treatment before operation, necessary conditions are created for operation and postoperative fixation is adopted.

Product Detail:

Material: Composite fabric

Color: Blue+yellow


Packaging: Plastic Bag, Zipper Bag, Nylon Bag, Color Box and so on.(Provide customized packaging).

Logo: Customized Logo.

Size: S/M/L

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