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XK117 Head Neck Orthosis

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Product Name: Head Neck Orthosis

Product Model: XK117

Product Application:

1. Cervical and high part thoracic vertebra injuries.

2. Conservative treatment of cervical dislocation.

3. Cervical and high thoracic vertebra injuries are fixed postoperatively.


1. Limit cervical and high part thoracic vertebra activities.

2. Head, neck and chest fixed together, can effectively control cervical rotation.

3. Provide stable support.

4. The height adjustment of the front and back piece can be adjusted according to the patient’s body shape.

5. Curved support bar to provide stable support.

6. Tool-free adjustment of design, easy to operate.

Product Detail:

Material: Aluminum alloy joint branch, plastic sheet, textile lining, nylon strap etc.

Color: Blue and white


Packaging: Plastic Bag, Zipper Bag, Nylon Bag, Color Box and so on.(Provide customized packaging).

Logo: Customized Logo.

Size: Free size

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