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XK118 Child Head Neck Chest Orthosis

Short Description:

When more severe spinal stabilisation is required, it’s vital that as much movement of the spine as possible can be reduced.

Secure Spinal Control and Support

The Lerman Minerva orthosis provides control of flexion and extension, as well lateral and rotary movements of the cervical spine. This enables the spine to be secured and fixed in the correct position. A built-in forehead strap prevents movement further, giving the orthosis additional support and stabilisation.

What’s more, the posterior section of the orthosis utilises a moveable and shaped occipital support to aid stabilisation even more. The chest plate also features a sliding mandibular support with a trachea opening.

Versatile, Comfortable Design

The orthosis is made from anterior and posterior shells which are joined together by torso and shoulder straps. This enables wearers to move their arms more freely while ensuring spinal support is maintained.

use for patients with cervical spine injury and high thoracic injury, cervical spine (except for the atlantoaxial) injury after consolidation and rehabitation of the campaign to protect,cervical arthritis and stability of the cervical spine fracture fixing and protecting treatment 

product material :it made of the hardness of polymer composite materials
the head ring fixation device to effectively limit the head rotation
the chest compression height  can be adjusted according to the patient height of the back side of the chest.
occipital bone support height can adjust the height of occipital bone until it supports well.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Name: Child Head Neck Chest Orthosis

Product Model: XK118

Product Application:

It is suitable for the fixation and protection treatment of cervical vertebra after operation, and the fixation and protection of cervical vertebra joint and cervical vertebra stable fracture.


The head device effectively limits the rotation of the head, detachable lining, comfortable ventilation, and more comfortable to wear; the height and girth are adjustable and more applicable; nylon hook and loop is worn to ensure firm fixation.

Product Detail:

Material: Aluminum alloy joint branch, plastic sheet, textile lining, nylon strap etc.

Color: White and Blue


Packaging: Plastic Bag, Zipper Bag, Nylon Bag, Color Box and so on.(Provide customized packaging).

Logo: Customized Logo.

Size: Free size

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