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Medical Hard Adjustable Cervical Collar Neck brace With Chin For Neck Support

Short Description:

[Relieve neck pain] Our neck brace supports the chin and neck, while restricting movement, relieving spinal pain and pressure. To re-adjust and stabilize the spine, the skin-friendly high-elasticity composite leather collar can be worn during the day and while sleeping. It can provide excellent support and relieve pain. Non-rigid neck support can also relieve headaches caused by cervical strains and sprains. It helps in post-operative rehabilitation and injury support.

[Ergonomic design] According to the ergonomic design, it fits the chin groove design to make it more comfortable and firm, and the back curve rises to better support the neck. The Velcro design can freely adjust the tightness to prevent the pain caused by waving. More comfortable to wear at night.

[High-quality materials] Our collars are made of top-quality materials, exquisite workmanship, light weight, can relieve pain without affecting your flexibility. The breathable latex-free material keeps your neck dry and odor-free. The skin-friendly and highly elastic composite leather collar makes you feel comfortable during continuous use and helps keep your neck cool.


  • Product name: Cervical Collar
  • Size: S/M/L
  • Color: White&Customized
  • Material: EVA+Plastic+Hook-Loop
  • Model Number: XK120
  • Product Detail

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    Product Application

    Cervical Collar Hard with Chin is an excellent device to provide high degree of immobilization and support. It has been designed to improve immobilization by providing the chin lock. The molded  chin cup gives an anatomic rest to the head/chin to enhance the comfort. Surprisingly, the collar is extremely comfortable despite made from hard and rigid materials, because of the advanced designing.

    • Anatomical chin lock
    • Comfortable chin rest
    • Highly cushioned edge
    • Adjustable height


    • Anatomically molded chin support locks the chin and enhance immobilization. Chin rest improves support, improves comfort and compliance.
    • Anatomically designed with height and curvature adjustment ensures perfect fitting, improves immobilization and enhances comfort.
    • High quality PE Sheet ensures rigid support, long life of the collar and good aesthetics. Perforated body improves ventilation, enhances comfort and compliance.
    • Ethafoam edge padding provides enhanced cushioning and comfort. It ensures long functional life. It is extremely light in weight and causes no allergies.
    • It is sleek and light in weight. Easy to wear and remove, excellent for trauma emergencies.

    Product Description:

    Tynor Cervical Collar Hard with Chin is an excellent device to provide the high degree of immobilization and support. Designed to improve immobilization by providing the chin lock. The moulded chin cup gives an anatomic rest to the head/chin to enhance the comfort. Having ethafoam padding offers higher cushioning and comfort. Air ventilation holes ensure proper air circulation. Hook loop closure ensures its quick, easy application, and removal. Accurate height adjustment improves immobilization further. Use this product under the guidance of a qualified doctor. Discontinue use and seek the guidance of a qualified doctor, in case allergy, rash or itching. Some wash care instructions wipe the product with a clean moist lint free cloth and don not wash the product. Available in three sizes small, medium and large.


    1. Comfortable, soft medical cervical vertebra tractor belt

    2. Well ventilated and light in weight

    3. Scientific design ensures good immobilization and comfort.

    4. Comfortable chin rest

    5. Adjustable height with fasteners for easy adjustment.

    6. Multiple holes for better ventilation provide comfort during prolonged use.

    7. Preventive care of neck during prolonged work, travel, watching TV or reading.


    Product Detail

    Material EVA+Plastic+Hook-Loop
    Color White&Customized
    MOQ 50PCS
    Packaging Plastic Bag, Zipper Bag, Nylon Bag, Color Box and so on.(Provide customized packaging).
    Logo Customized Logo.
    Size S/M/L

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