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XK610 Knee Brace

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Patella pain syndrome, anterior knee pain, patella malacia, cruciate ligament tear, meniscus tear, patella pain.

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    Patella pain syndrome, anterior knee pain, patella malacia, cruciate ligament tear, meniscus tear, patella pain.


    Designed according to the curve of the knee, the tubular bundle covers can be applied to produce even pressure when various sports, which can quickly eliminate excessive heat and moisture, keep the skin dry and comfortable and provide the most appropriate protective function.

    Kneepads are used to protect people's knees. It has the function of sports protection, cold prevention, warm keeping and joint maintenance. It is divided into sports kneepads and health kneepads. It is suitable for athletes, middle-aged and elderly people and patients with knee diseases.

    In modern sports, kneepads are widely used. The knee is not only an extremely important part in sports, but also a vulnerable and easily injured part. It is also an extremely painful and slow recovery situation when injured, and even a person will have a dull pain in rainy and cloudy days. Almost all sporting goods stores can buy thick felt material "kneepad" can reduce and avoid injury to a certain extent, and it can also play a role in cold protection in winter, and the price is not expensive. Here is not the "kneepad" as a must-have product to recommend, but all sports are widely used in fact!

    There are three functions of kneepads: braking, heat preservation and health care. Not much to say about heat preservation. The knee is very easy to catch cold. Many knee joint diseases are related to the cold of the knee. Especially on the mountain, the mountain wind is very cold and hard. The leg muscles often feel very hot due to the continuous exercise, while the knee is not hot because there is no muscle movement. When people feel that the leg heat dissipation is very comfortable, in fact, the knee is suffering Cool, at this time, if you wear kneepads, the heat preservation effect of kneepads can be reflected.Mainly talk about the braking effect of kneepads. The knee joint is the place where the upper and lower leg bones meet. There is a meniscus in the middle and the patella is in front of the patella. The patella is stretched by two muscles and suspended before the intersection of the leg bones. It is very easy to slide. In normal life, because it is not affected by external forces and does not exercise violently, the patella can normally move in a small range in the knee. Because mountaineering exerts too much pressure on the knee, coupled with the strenuous exercise in mountaineering, it is easy to pull the patella away from its original position, thus causing diseases of the knee joint. The patella can be fixed in a relatively stable position with knee pads to ensure that it is not easily injured. The above is the mild braking effect of the kneepad when the knee joint is not injured. After the knee joint is injured, the use of the kneepad with severe braking can reduce the bending of the knee, maintain a straight line from the thigh to the lower leg, reduce the bending of the knee joint, so as to protect the knee joint from aggravating the disease.

    The knitted fabric is made of high elastic 1:1 set loop rib liner structure. When woven with Apocynum hemp cotton blended yarn, it is lined with nylon covered elastic yarn to make it more elastic, elastic and comfortable to wear. The structure design is reasonable and integrates health care and comfort. It has significant curative effect on rheumatism and arthritis of knee joint, pain, swelling, numbness, inflexibility, sprain and contusion. It can also play an auxiliary role in old cold legs, hyperplasia, bone spur, dyskinesia and strain. It is especially suitable for the elderly, athletes and other people with leg diseases. It can improve the blood microcirculation of joint parts, activate blood circulation to remove blood stasis, dissipate pain, promote the absorption of inflammation and repair of damaged joint tissue, improve the activity of corresponding joints, and have obvious improvement effect on arthritis, joint hydrops, varicose veins, vasculitis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. And it is different from all kinds of magnetic health products sold in the market. There is no magnetic hard block in the product. It is comfortable to wear and convenient to wash.

    This binding type open hole knee protector is made of the world's advanced protective materials, with reasonable design. The opening is specially thickened and strengthened to better protect the knee from lateral displacement. The improved magic fastener allows users to adjust the tightness at will. If you take it when climbing, you can effectively prevent knee joint damage

    Product Detail

    Material High Quality Neoprene and Nylon hook and loop.
    Color Black color or Customized color.
    MOQ 50PCS
    Packaging Plastic Bag, Zipper Bag, Nylon Bag, Color Box and so on.(Provide customized packaging).
    Logo Customized Logo.
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